Why am I doing this??

I’m honestly not a poetic person. I’m not the best with flowery prose and was trained to write in a much more analytical way. Maybe I thought this would be a good creative outlet for me…

Or maybe I love talking about my running and my fitness goals. I love talking to other people about theirs. I love cheering on everyone at the finish line, and the adrenaline rush you get during a race. I love the zen feeling of a long run on a Sunday and the relaxation of a pure physical, rather than mental exhaustion.

I love being able to set a goal, and reach it. I will run this far…I will go this fast… I will lift this much today. Sometimes you reach that goal, sometimes you get close, fail, but are ready to try again.

I’m probably going to link this blog to my Instagram account that I’ve been using to track my fitness for the past two to three years. Maybe someone will stumble across this blog while looking at the pictures I post, maybe not. Still, it’ll be a cute place to store some pictures.

For example: here is my crew of mutts (Left to Right): Kera, Auri, and Tippy

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