The Chicken Run 5k Recap

I found this 5k through Facebook’s “You might be interested” events. It was only $25, and there was a promise of baby goats! It was run by a local company called Farm Yoga that lets you do yoga surrounded by goats and chickens. I’m a sucker for cute, cuddly animals, so I went ahead, signed up, and of course, talked a few friends into it.

The Chicken Run 5K was located in Castroville, Texas, just west of San Antonio, near a little park off highway 90, next the Magnolia Filling Station Coffee Shop. They even had coffee waiting for us when we arrived to pick up our packets!

It was a small race, less than one hundred people total if I would guess, but for a first year race it was very well organized. The course was a simple out and back that followed a road that sort of wrapped around the park area, and was very well marked. It was also exactly 3.1 miles! I know that seems silly to comment on for a 5k, but very few 5ks I’ve attended lately have been exact. Most fall short, coming in around 3 miles, and sometimes even less. My Garmin will not count many of my 5ks as PRs because they run short, so its great when you get an accurate race distance. (Or at least one that agrees with my watch!)

Since it was untimed, I started near the front of the crowd, but I had forgotten to double knot my shoes like I do most races. It was about 50 degrees and lightly misting, absolutely perfect weather for running. (And the coffee kept you warm until it was time to race!) My left shoe came untied at around the first mile marker and I had to rush to the side to retie it. I was passed by a few people and in an attempt to regain where I should have been if I hadn’t stopped, I ended up with a great negative split for the second mile!

One thing I love about races is that running with other people helps me push myself. I paced with the other lead female runner for a long while, then ended up catching up with my friend, Giles. At this time, my OTHER shoelace untied, and I’m sure Giles heard me curse quite loudly in frustration. There was only half a mile left and I didn’t think I could recover the time if I stopped, but with some luck the shoelace somehow tucked into my shoe during a stride and I was able to finish with an untied right shoe. It was a new PR of 23:16 and I finished first for women and second overall. The winner had a blistering 20:50!

We were met at the finish line with tasty Mimosas and the top three men and women received placement medals. The medals, of course, also had chickens! They also had a chicken costume contest where you could win a basket of local produce and eggs.

And after the race, they brought out the BABY GOATS! I totally signed up for this race for the baby goats, but I’d give this little race a high rating. It was small, local, well-organized and everyone was super friendly. I hope this becomes a yearly thing for Farm Yoga, because I definitely will want to attend again in the future. Now, I’ll just leave you with a ton of pictures of cute animals.


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