Street2Feet 5k

I was lucky enough to win an entry to the Street2Feet 5k the Thursday before the race. This wasn’t one I had done before, but I am so glad I was able to attend this one. Street2Feet is a walking/running training group for those experiencing homelessness in San Antonio and this weekend was their 10th annual downtown 5K.

Racing Shirt and Bib

Packet Picket was quick and easy on my way home on Friday, and thankfully not downtown. I always like doing pickup the day before so I don’t have the run things back to my car or stress about getting everything with enough time to go to the starting line. I love this t-shirt too, the Texas word art is just perfect. Its soft and definitely wearable, though unisex t-shirts never fit me well, the small is pretty close!

I arrived a bit later than I usually get to a race at around 7:10. There was free parking within one garage, but you had to put in your credit card to get in and then it would be validated. With only one entrance, this really slowed things down. The line didnt move at all when I first arrived. In my usual anxiety-filled head, I worried that the garage was full and I’d be stuck in this line of cars not moving. So I whipped out and went to the lot next door and ended up paying for parking. If I had been more patient this wouldn’t have been a problem, so lesson learned.

The Street2Feet 5K started with a warm-up with the Spurs Mascot and then we were off!

The course’s second half had a mariachi band cheering us on and led us down the King William District Portion of the San Antonio Riverwalk. I’ve ran this strip of river more times that I care to count, so I knew the hill taking us over the damn was coming, but it still kicks my butt every time!

(Right Photo is from the event page)

I was pretty happy with my time, while not a personal record I finished in an even 23 minutes. Afterwards I grabbed a piece of fruit and visited the vendors, including several different race groups I’m already signed up with for later this year.

This is a race I would do again in a heartbeat, and it was completely off the radar until I came across them on Instagram while looking at local running tags. Goes to show you just don’t always know what’s going on in your hometown but it never hurts to check.

See you next time when I talk about my second 5K from this past Saturday. The Freetail 5K beer run!

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