Run to Escape Series: Mt. Olympus – Tired of Virtual Races? Try a Virtual EXPERIENCE!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve done my fair share of virtual races and challenges. You pay your fee, you run the set number of miles, and in return, you get a shirt and a medal mailed to you. It’s become pretty standard fare. But what instead of a virtual race, you received a virtual EXPERIENCE? That’s what the Run to Escape Mt Olympus has to offer that is a bit different.

I received entry into the Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews

Remember the stories of the Greek gods from high school English class? Well, they’re back with some new modern updates! (It gets boring living on top of a mountain for three thousand years.) First off, the character art for each is really fun:

These Greek gods and goddesses have a mission for you! Atalanta is applying to become part of the pantheon of Mt. Olympus, as the goddess of running. Half the Greek gods are all in on her joining, but there are six hold-outs who disagree. Each of these gods will present a challenge or puzzle for you to conquer and prove that Atalanta worthy of joining the Pantheon. This means the Mt Olympus missions are actually SIX separate runs with audioclues to help you solve the puzzle to unlock the next run.

Run to Escape: Mt Olympus – How it Works

Run along with Atalanta while solving puzzles from different Greek gods in a virtual running experience similar to an escape room

After my sign-up, I received an email with instructions on how to receive the audioclues during my run. The challenges are a combination of audioclues using the app Runkeeper and puzzles that are then sent to you afterwards via email.

For example, the first challenge with the god of the grapes, the insanity of the booze himself: Dionysus. I received an email with a link that put Dionysus’ challenge under my races on the Runkeeper app. Set up the app to run the race, and Dionysus was in my ear giving clues about every half mile or so for the first run.

After the run, I received an email from Hermes, the messenger of the gods himself. (Note: This did take a few hours.) The email included all the audioclues from my run, as well as the puzzle that needed to be solved to get to the next challenge. Stuck? Hermes offers links to clues as well.

Thoughts so far

My first thought was the price on this virtual experience was a tad higher than I am used to, with virtual races often being around 35 to 40 dollars. But then after thinking about it, I realized its a pretty great deal. I’m getting six separate runs ranging from a 5k to 10k distances, where most virtuals are only one. Additionally, there is the puzzle aspect, which has been very fun so far!

A second thing that I like about this virtual experience is that it is more “green” and environmental friendly. With lots of virtuals, the last thing I really need to another t-shirt. I have so many that I end up giving a lot of them away. Here, I get to have the experience and the community (there is a group slack channel!) without all the extra items I just don’t need. HOWEVER, there is a chance to win some awesome nicer prizes, such as a pair of aftershokz or knockaround sunglasses.

Mission Mt Olympus, the first mission in the run to escape series

If you love puzzles, this might be just the virtual running experience for you. Save 10% off your registration with the code BIBRAVE10 at Run to Escape Series. If you’re unsure, they have a very lenient refund policy. Try a mission out and see if you absolutely love it.

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