My Running Gear

I often receive messages about what running gear I use and why I think it works best for me. So I thought I could put everything in one place for reference.

Running Shoes:

First off, I wear a lot of different shoes. It’s a good idea to rotate which shoes you wear every day. This allows the shoe’s materials to recover from repeated impact and it allows you to use a shoe that is appropriate for each day’s specific workout. It’s good for you and your shoes! Here are the four types of neurtal shoes I typically rotate through.

Full Disclosure: As a member of the Run Happy Team with Brooks Running, I receive discounted and free gear to try. This post also contains affiliate links

Brooks Launch 8s (Texas Edition)

The Brooks Launch 8 is my go-to shoe for mid-length runs. And, of course, the Launch comes in an amazing variety of colorways. Brooks often releases new colors and styles for holidays and events, so check back often. For example, my Texas shoes they released for the Houston Marathon. I hope they release these again for 2022, because I NEED a second pair of the Lone Star State Shoes.

Brooks Levitate 4s

The Brooks Levitate 4 is a very light shoe with a springy feel. These are the shoes I grab when I have a lot of speedwork planned for the day or when it’s race day. Great for fast races, such as a 5k or 10k distance. I do find that being so springy, they do tend to wear done with fewer miles. Use sparingly when you want/need to go fast.

Brooks Glycerin 19s

The Brooks Glycerin 19 is my long-distance shoe. The Glycerin offers a soft, cushioned ride that is great for long runs and longer races. (Half marathons and marathons). They tend to hold up really well for putting a lot of miles on before needing to be replaced.

Brooks Catamount

Brooks catamounts are an amazing trail shoe. Trail shoes for running. Running trail shoes

The Brooks Catamounts are my go-to trail shoe. I really can’t gush about these shoes enough. They have a great rubber sole for traction on muddy trails and my absolute favorite feature is the toe guard. Here in South Texas, we have very rocky soil. Before getting a good pair of trail shoes, I used to bruise the ends of my toes from kicking rocks. They also dry really well, with ports to let the water out on the sides of the shoe.

Running Clothes:

Brooks Run Bras

Brooks Dare Run Bras. Bras for running. Great bras for running. Great fitting sports bras.

At this point in my running career, I own a lot of running bras. All of them are brooks running Run Bras. I have them in SO many styles. They’re incredibly comfortable and are the encapsulating style that is perfect for smaller chested runners. (I’m a 32A for reference)

Brooks Chaser Shorts

Brooks chaser shorts come in three lengths. Perfect for finding the correct size for you. Gear for runners, clothing for running

I wear Brooks Chaser Shorts for almost ever run I do. Only in the dead of our South Texas winter do I resort to pants, so I’m in these babies practically year round. They come in 3 different lengths, including inseams of 3″, 5″, and 7″ lengths. I own all these lengths, and the 5″ are defnintely my favorite for my body shape. The 3″ inseam run really short, but are great for hotter days and I tend to wear the 7″ inseam pairs for long runs to help prevent chafing.

Canopy Jacket

Brooks Canopy Jacket is a great waterproof jacket for light rainy days. Will keep you warm and dry without overheating you on your runs. Great jacket for running.

For rainy, or slightly chilly days, I can’t recommend Brook’s Canopy Jacket enough, I even have two of them! It’s waterproof while still being incredibly breathable and light weight enough that you don’t mind carrying once you warm up/the rain stops/ My favorite feature about this jacket is the hidden pocket on the inside. The jacket folds up into this pouch and becomes a little backpack! Perfect to carry.

Running Gear: Extra Accessories

Garmin Forerunner Music 645

Garmin forerunner 635 music is a great gps watch for logging runs. Best running watch for when you want to unplug

If there is one thing I could recommend to every runner, it’s to get a running watch. My current one is the Garmin Forerunner Music 645. I’m absolutely in love with this model. Great GPS watch with heart rate monitor that provides some great extras, such as keeping track of your training status, steps, and intensity minutes. The Garmin app also provides training plans for up to a half marathon. The Music version is an added bonus. I love to sync up my favorite playlist and leave the phone at home for my speedwork days. The perfect accessory for when you want to unplug.

Aeropex Aftershokz

The Areopex aftershokz are my favorite headphones for running. Bone conduction and all day comfortable wear. Gear for runners

For more than just running, I wear my Aftershokz headphones all day, every day. Incredible sound quality and of the three different styles I own, the Areopex top my list for all-day comfort. The Open-ear bone conduction style allows me to stay aware of my surroundings while still enjoying my music and podcasts. They come in several fun colors and two different sizes. As a ShokStar ambassador with Aftershokz, I have a 15% off discount code for any pair through this link.

Orange Mud Endurance Pack V2.0

My current water vest for long distance running is the OrganeMud Endurance pack 2.0. Gear for runners

I will admit, I have struggled with water vests because of my small size and am currently looking for an alternative. Right now I am using the OrangeMud Endurance Pack 2.0. I found this one at a great discount at a race expo a few years ago and it has worked pretty well for me. It carries two liters of water and has four separate pockets for me to carry everything I need on up to a 20-mile run. My only complaint with this, and many other vests, is that it is one size fits all. Being on the smaller side, I have to deal with A LOT of extra straps when tied into it.

Science in Sport Gels

Science in sport energy gels are gentle on the stomach and great for runners. This is why it is included in my favorite running gear

I’ve tried a lot of different energy gels over the years, and have had issues with a lot of brands being too thick or upsetting my stomach on long runs. Until I found Science in Sport (SIS) gels. I even wrote a whole blog post on why I love these gels so much and the science behind why they’re easier to digest. I highly recommend them as an alternative gel if you’re having gastro-problems with the more popular brands.

I hope my list of running gear helps you get an idea for items you might need. Please check out the rest of my blog! I have running product reviewsrace recaps, and running how-tos.