Freetail 5K: A Beer Run

I can be a tad bit insane and I like to bite off a bit more than I can chew. Usually, this ends up in anxiety since I can’t finish everything that I tried to plan. Luckily, that wasn’t the case this past Saturday, because I had planned a second 5K race!

While Street2Feet was a pleasant, last minute surprise, I had been planning for the Freetail 5K (InspiredRaceEvents) since before Christmas. I attended last year and enjoyed the idea of this kind of race. I mean, integrating beer into the middle of a run just screams my name.

Located at the Freetail Brewery location near Southtown this 5K consisted of 5 loops around the brewery while sampling two ounces beer each loop. I think they thought it out a bit more on the samples this year, last year had a porter and a heavy beer is hard to stomach while running full kilter. Most beers do result in a large amount of burping though!

Most participants didn’t chug and run, but enjoyed their beers and the course. Again, I’m just a tad on the crazy side and wanted to see how fast I could run this race in comparison to the one that morning.

My mom was camping only an hour away, so she drove into town and ran with us. My running addiction appears to be catching. She doesn’t drink, so she got to try out their Root Beer Edition! I was told that the lap samples were only A&W, but she received a St. Arnold’s craft root beer at the end.

We arrived early so that we could get our bibs, find a seat, and try out a beer beforehand. I tried out their Ready Player One, a dark saison beer that I absolutely loved and will definitely get again.

Aren’t Ailie and Giles the most adorable couple? My dude actually came to this race, but refuses to become part of the shenanigans. He was inside enjoying his beer without the threat of cardio. We downed our first sample and we were off!

The course itself is only a kilometer loop around the brewery and isn’t the most scenic. I assume because there are alcohol serving laws that only allow Freetail to serve on their property. This is completely okay though, because this gives you FIVE chances to pass the race photographer! There have been so many races I’ve attended and never gotten an action shot (or it just comes out with ANGRY runner face). This is was the case this year, I really received from great ones from the race photographer.

Overall, for a nonserious, untimed 5K, I really love this one. You get a cool beer glass, you get to try some beers, and I just love the bib for my bib wall by my treadmill. The weather was great on a Saturday afternoon in February and this race will be on my radar for next year.

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