Freedom Fighters 5K: a Race and a Ruck!

RunLocal runs a simple race. If you’re looking for a small town race with under 100 runners and untimed, the Freedom Fighter’s 5k is a great time.

Another Saturday, another race to run! This week we’re in Castroville, Texas with RunLocalTx. I came across the Freedom Fighters 5k on their Facebook page and saw that they had a weighted/Ruck category. My friend, Kat, is super into Rucking. So I hit her up! Look, a race we could do together!

Before the Race

Race packet was super easy with a table right next to the start line. They also had shirts and hats for sale. (One of these days, I’m gonna pick up at a Run Local hat!) The shirt that came with the race entry is nice! And fits me, which is a huge plus since many races shirts end up being too big on me.

The Race! While we ran through the park on the pavement, next to use was the Medina River. It was beautiful and definitely the best part of the course. And since it was an out and back, you get to go past it twice. We ran the loop of the park, then ran through a nearby neighborhood (mildly hilly but not too bad), then came back to enjoy the park again.

After the Race: At the finishline, the race director is waiting with place medals. I received a medal for coming in overall third place for women. I love this small town race, the 2nd and 1st place runners came over and we cheered each other’s finish. After I finished, I started running back and joined my ruck buddies.

My Rucking friends at the finish line! (Please dont stand in the middle of the finish line…we couldn’t get this lady to move to get a good picture of them finishing. ) We did get a great group photo after. Am I super short or are they simply tall? The world may never know!

While beer was not offered at the race, I did have a great Golden Road Mango Cart at home to display with my medal.

All in all, if you’re looking for a low cost/no frills race with a great attitude, this one definitely fits the bill. Definitely check out my race recaps with RunLocal. I did the Chicken Run 5K with them last year. (THEY HAD BABY GOATS, and will be back next month.)


  1. This was a wonderful race! Still very proud of your finish as third! Can’t wait to hit one again soon.

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