Finding Goals: Step it Up with Des (Des Linden Step Challenge)

If there is one thing I’ve probably talked about more than anything on this blog, it’s my need to have goals. I always have a race on the horizon to look forward to, or new PR or distance to chase. However, in this new world of COVID-19 and social distancing, I’ve seen the cancellation of four separate races I had planned on attending. For the first week of this, I floundered a lot. My workload had surged in preparation for San Antonio’s “Stay Safe, Work Safe” program, and is only finally calming down. Without my typical schedule, I needed SOMETHING to work towards. Luckily, I heard about the Des Linden Step Challenge with FitnessBank through Bibrave and jumped at the chance!

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Des Linden FitnessBank step challenge

COVID-19 has affected basically every runner in the country. Races of every caliber, from your local 5k to the Boston Marathon, have been canceled and running social groups now have to practice social distancing. Professional athletes, such as Des Linden, who have been training for these races all year also need a change of plans. Des was on track for Boston 2020 in the Spring and the original thought for this step challenge would be competing and stepping along with her during her training.  Things and plans change, but we can still try to keep up with her!

Des Linden FitnessBank step challenge

She’s more of a whiskey drinker than a beer drinker, but I’ll forgive her.

My plan for April is to start a half marathon training plan. This would lead to a half marathon in mid-June. I figure instead of a race, I would run this one on my own, irregardless if we are “released bback into the wild” by then. You don’t find a lot of longer races in South Texas in mid summer, but I work best when I have a calendar with daily workouts I can cross out when I finish them.

I want to use this challenge to supplement that training. During my work normal day, I’m up on my feet fairly regularly, but I don’t see that as much when I’m working from home. Having a step challenge where I’m checking in multiple times a day, because I’m so competitive, will help me keep up my activity while mostly homebound. I’m hoping to somehow convert my treadmill in a way that I can put my laptop on it, so I can walk and analyze data at the same time. I’ll be posting updates throughout the challenge with tips I’ve found useful, so make sure to check back.

So, a free challenge where I can focus on staying a track? A goal to try to keep up with someone who has WON the Boston Marathon?? FOR FREE?? AND THERE ARE PRIZES!!?? Yes, please!

How It Works:

  • Download the FitnessBank Step Tracker app anytime before April 30th. (It’ll even count your steps retroactively if you start late.)
  • Sync the app directly with Garmin, FitBit apps, Apple Health or Google Fit.
  • Join Des Linden’s Group and Challenge on the App
  • It starts TODAY (April 1st, no foolin’!) and lasts through the end of May.

And I mentioned prizes, right??? Top steppers will win specific prize packs, but everyone who participates gets a chance to win as well! AND THERE ARE SHOOOOOOEEEEES.

Brooks Launch 6 in my favorite color <3

5 Participants will win:

  • A Signed Poster from Des
  • 1 Pair of Brooks Running Shoes
  • 25,000 Bonus Steps
  • FitnessBank Prize Pack

1 Grand Prize Winner:

  • Free Year of Racing for 2 (one race a month for 2 people, of any distance, up to $150 max-entry fee) – reimbursed via deposits in your Fitness Savings Account)
  • An additional 50,000 Bonus Steps

Anyone in for this step competition? Join me! I’m hoping that this will keep me focused during a time that I don’t have my normal schedule to keep me on track. And not only do I get to see where I stack up against Des Linden, but also how I do against my friends who have also signed up!

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