Product Review: Cooling off with a Buff Visor

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It has been a rough summer around here for me, and its definitely taken a toll on my running. I was out sick for almost two and a half weeks with a upper respiratory infection ( I was tested negative for COVID twice, luckily).

During my two weeks of inactivity, I received a package from BUFF. And, man, can I tell you how badly I wanted to get out and try this visor? First off, besides the bill of the visor, the band is soft like a headband, rather than hard rim like a hat. This makes the smaller, and you can store it flat, making it great for that bag I keep in my car of all the running goodies I might need on the trail.

The lightweight quality is really my favorite part of this visor. I’m really a hat/visor. For one, they provide great protection from the sun AND absorb sweat too. I wear them so that I don’t have sunscreen drip into eyes. (IT BUUUURNS!)

How light it is also provides some relief from both literal and figurative headaches. As you can see, I usually also wear sunglasses (see my Knockaround Review here), and a pair of Aftershokz headphones. That’s a lot of stuff that rubs right above ear and some hats just add to much. The soft, headband-like material really helps remove some of that bulkiness.

My Buff came with a lot of informational tags! I LOVE that the BUFF visor is made with recycled materials. And, they know what they’re doing with HOT weather. Being a South Texas girl, I want something that is going to be cool as possible to wear. It seems I’m their target market.

In conclusion, I REALLY love this visor. I received a black one from BUFF that goes great with almost any running outfit I have, but they come in a variety of colors. There is a blue one I have my eye on that I’ll be grabbing once I’m back out on the road more.

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