Audiobook Review: My Year of Running Dangerously

My Year of Running Dangerously starts with a simple question: “How would you feel about running a marathon with me?” Author Tom Foreman sits at the Thanksgiving table when his college-aged daughter nonchalantly asks him this question. This begins his year-long training of going from being someone who “used to run”, to running a marathon to training for a 50-mile trail race. What starts with this simple question from his daughter rekindles Tom’s old passion for long-distance running. With going back and starting with his laissez-faire relationship with running as he was growing up, to taking his training seriously as he travels across the country for work, Tom’s account of his training was one of the most relatable books I’ve ever come across as a runner.

Review of My Year of Running Dangerously. A good audiobook for runners?

My year of Running Dangerously is a fairly entertaining listen that made me laugh out loud more than once (though the humor could sometimes be pretty cringeworthy). The author brings up a lot of themes that I can definitely relate to as a runner and it’s just amazing to here these things being brought up out loud. Just to list a few:

  • Dealing with a training schedule while traveling for work (or trying to make a deadline you didn’t know existed several miles from your car)
  • Getting lost on a strange trail when the sun sets too quickly. (Yup, I’m definitely gonna die out here)
  • Understanding and doing correctly the balance of a training schedule and your family/ significant other
  • Feelings of self-doubt and of getting older
  • Finding camaraderie with other runners

My Year of Running Dangerously Narrator:

The narration for My Year of Running Dangerously is absolutely perfect. While not always the case, having the author also be the narrator really gives this audiobook extra feels. I feel like Tom Foreman is just telling me a great series of fun stories that have happened to him on his runs. It really feels like you have a running buddy with you, cracking you up with all their escapades from their previous runs. I’m not sure a third-party narrator would have done such a great job with this material, and deciding to have the author himself was the absolute perfect decision. I will say though, there is some DAD humor where the author thinks he is waaaaaay funnier than he actually is.

The Reading Runner’s Thoughts

I could really separate this book into two sections. Before the author completes his marathon with his daughter and the second half where he decides that he is going to complete a 55 mile ultramarathon. The tone between these two sections varies quite a bit. The first half about the relationships with others he forms through running and his past relationship with the sport. And this second half more focused on his training conflicts, obsession, and own self-doubt. It’s quite a relatable tale.

One huge part of this book speaks of the author becoming closer to his daughter through their shared training schedules for their marathon and of running that race together. As a girl that has lost my own father, I found these portions of the book absolutely touching and brought me to tears more than once. It really hit me right in the feels.

In conclusion, as someone who doesn’t normally listen to nonfiction, I found My Year of Running Dangerously to be inspiring, funny (and cringy), and completely relatable. If you’re looking for a friend to talk your ear off during a run, I highly recommend this book.

How to Listen to My Year of Running Dangerously:

If my review of My Year of Running Dangerously convinced to pick up this audiobook here are a few suggestions to get your hands on this great science fiction tale.

Audible Membership: For most of my audiobooks, I’m a member of Audible. When you start the trial membership you get 2 free books, so you can try out Children of Time at no cost. I’ve been using audible for about 7 years now, and it’s great to build your own library.

Amazon: Not wanting a membership? You can get it straight from Amazon.

Your Local Library: Check out the Libby app and see if your local library is a member. You can apply for a library card through the app and then listen to audiobooks right away for free. However, it does have a few restrictions. Usually only so many copies of a book are available and you might have to go on a waitlist. Additionally, you have a allotted time to finish your book. But hey, it’s free!

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