A Galentine’s to Run For

One of our local Fleet Feet running stores organized a Galentine’s day social run on Wednesday. After staying a bit late in the lab, I changed into my running gear and hopped on over. They had the store all dressed up for the looooove holiday and New Balance was letting you test run in some of their shoes. I’ve had a bruise on the top of my foot for the past few days, so I skipped on this, but my friend Amber gave them a try!

The run itself was about two and a half miles long and looped north of the The Quarry into some nice neighborhoods. The roads there get a bit busy and it was dark, so we stayed on the sidewalks.

It was a mostly great run, but had a bit of an unpleasant surprise at about the one mile marker. After a week of drizzling rain, one strip of sidewalk was covered in sprinklers going off (In February!? Really!?) In fierce determination, we ran through them! It being about 50 degrees it wasn’t TOO bad and luckily we had warmed up enough by that point and still had another mile and a half to dry off.

Afterwards, we finished at the store while enjoying strawberries, mimosas,and cookies. Of course, I had one of each.

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