Race Review: The 24 Hour Global Relay

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I’m usually not one for virtual races. It seems that you send in your money and just get a medal and t-shirt in the mail for one of your runs, so I’m always looking for a bit more in a virtual race. When I was given a chance to due a 24 hour relay with 47 other runners for Global Running Day, back in June, I decided to give it a try. The 24 hour relay was definitely different than other virtual races I’ve tried in the past few months and I really enjoyed this race.

I signed up for the 6:00-6:30 pm time slot, so it was a tad hot for this run. I cracked my recovery beer a bit early on my porch and waited. At 6:00, I received a text from Greg (in New York!) cheering me on and handing me the virtual baton.

I did my 30 minutes 5k and finished with a photo to the next runner in New Orleans, passing the baton on to her. June at 6pm in Texas…It was HOT! This time of year I’m a sunrise runner so I was dripping sweat by the end of this one. (I definitely earned my beer, and yes…its a beer with pickle juice!)

Making that connection with another runner at the beginning and the end made a huge difference for me. It really helped fill the void of in person races, as one of my favorite things about them is the community. I felt this race did its best to fill in that gap that’s missing from a lot of virtual races. I would definitely do this one again.

BibravePro during my 24 hour global relay virtual race
I was decked out in the BibRave Orange for this one.

The reason I’ve waited so long to post about this particular race. I wanted to share THE SWAG! (If you don’t show the medal, did it really happen??)

It took a bit to get the swag after the race, but I believe this is their first virtual so they waited to put in the order until they saw how many runners they had. The t-shirt is a unisex with the same design as the medal, but the medal really steals the show. Heavy and about 3 inches in diameter, its heavy and a good size.

I would most definitely do this virtual race again! Have you been doing any virtual races? What has stood out about your favorite ones?

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